Help Requests


Dear BAVI Chessed Fund,

I previously asked of your wonderful organization to please help pay my electricity bill of 1278.80 shekels. You responded “Why doesn’t your husband get a job in the afternoon?”

I would like to inform you that not only does he have a job in the afternoon but he is currently holding down 3 different jobs and he still does not earn enough to finish the month. Now we have come to a situation that we can’t pay the bill and the electric company has shut down the electricity. We barely have money to buy bread and milk. Who is thinking about an electric bill?!

Our house is dark, its cold and I can’t put on the heating or lights. Now that winter has arrived there is no more sunlight to brighten the rooms and there is no more sunshine to warm my children. I have no lighting, no heating, and no peace of mind. The children are cold. They don’t understand why the neighbor has steam and we don’t, why is the neighbor’s house so warm and our house is so cold? The children ask me why by the neighbor it’s light and by us it’s dark? What can I answer them? Please have pity on us and save my husband and I from this terrible embarassment.

Attatched is a copy of my bill.



Dear BAVI Chessed Fund,

I am turning to you as a last resort. I just received in the mail a letter from the water company that they are stopping my water supply unless I pay my bill of 5222.70 shekels. Every night I wake up from my recurring nightmare “Life without water.” I fear one day very soon I won’t be able to wake up knowing it’s ‘only a nightmare’ as it will be reality. Please, please help me pay the bill, if not part of it. My husband is ill, I have nowhere else to turn. You have helped me in the past and I greatly appreciate it, please allow me to appreciate BAVI Chessed Fund once more.

Enclosed is a copy of my bill to confirm my request; as well enclosed is a referel from my Rav who has signed for me in the past.

Mrs. L Mattersdorf,.,Jerusalem


Dear BAVI Chessed Fund,

We made aliyah 4½ years ago from Baltimore, Maryland to Ramat Beit Shemesh, Isreal. My husband had an excellent job there in the States and he brought home a very good salary. Having a strong desire to move to Isreal we managed with hashem’s help to make our move and we have now become closer to Hashem. At first my husband continued working as a computer engineer, but since the crash of 2008 he was laid off. He tried his hands in various other projects but it has been many months since my husband has brought home a paycheck. He has great computer skills, speaks English fluently, and has a degree from the University of St. Louis. I was told that the wonderful organization BAVI Chessed Fund, in addition to the wonderful chessed that they do in helping people pay their bills, etc., also  help people stand on their own feet by trying to secure them with jobs since they are connected to many employment centers. Please allow my husband an interview with one of your rpresentatives as I am sure that whichever field he will be put in, his employee will be very satisfied with his devotion and work.

Please be in touch with me, my phone number is 02-922…. Fax number is the same.

Email: ….@gmail.com


Dear BAVI Chessed Fund,

Baruch Hashem I am engaged. My fiance is orphaned from her mother from the age of 10 and her father is critically ill. The entire financial burden has fallen onto my shoulders. I have no idea where to begin let alone where to end.

I beg from you wonderful Askanim of BAVI Chessed Fund please help me, do not turn you back on me. Please help me generously in order that I will be able to get married and establish upright and blessed generations.

Hashem should repay you double.


Dear BAVI Chessed Fund,

I am deeply embarrassed; with pain in my heart and tears in my eyes I write this letter. Never in my life would I have imagined that one day I would have to resort to writing a letter to an organization asking for money for Pesach.

My financial state is greatly lacking. The situation at home is tense and difficult and therefore I turn to you honorable people of BAVI Chessed Fund to please fulfill my request.

My husband has applied to so many different places for a job but hasn’t been successful yet. You should know he is extrememly capable and has loads of talents but there doesn’t seem to be any vacancies. He is currently working part time but the pay barely covers his transportation costs. Between the utility bills, grocery bills, and high tuition fees, (since a few of our children need tutoring) our monthly budget is unbearable.

Three months ago the government made cuts to Bituach LeUmi as I’m sure you are well aware of, and now it’s almost down to nothing. We therefore cannot even think about how we will make Pesach this year.

I beg of you, please help us out. If you would like to be in touch with me you can, but please only in the morning hours when my husband is out because if he would know that I applied he would be too embarrassed to accept. (Please add me to your mailing list of kimcha d’pischa but anonymously)

Tizku l’mitzvos.,Y.M.Yerushalayim


Dear BAVI Chessed Fund,

Since we got married I always bought my groceries, fruits, vegetables, fish, and poultry with cash, never wanting to write it down. I used to see people coming in to the grocery stores either buying on credit or giving checks. There were signs plastered on the walls that every bounced check would cost them 25 shekalim. I couldn’t understand how anyone could live like that, that was no way to live. If you don’t have, then don’t buy. It was easy to say being newly married, but now since that family has grown, I find myself in the same situation as all those people whom I looked down upon.

Against my will, the time arrived when I started buying on credit as well. As months flew by, the credit bill continued to grow. The day arrived when I had to open up a new account in another store as I just couldn’t pay my bill nor face the owner from the first store out of shame. From time to time I would go in to try and knock down my bill slowly. Time continued to fly by and now I was struggling between two large grocery bills. Dear BAVI Chessed Fund, admirable askanim, now I find myself in a situation where I  have 3 large grocery bills and I don’t know to whom to turn to anymore. Last week my daughter who was sent out to buy bread, milk, and cheese was sent home empty handed with a message to up “pay up, I am not running a charity organization.” Debts upon debts in so many grocery stores, you think I wanted this? I didn’t ask for this but my husband has not been paid for many months, the children are starving, they feel deprived when they see that the other children don’t come to school hungry.

Please have pity on me. I heard so much about your organization, especially how you help pay grocery bills.

I cordially invite you to my house so you can verify that I am speaking the truth.