The BAVI Chesed Fund has an employment program that enables poor individuals to enter the work force The bavi chesed fund is proud to announce that we have provided vocational training scholarships for hundreds of needy Chareidim. A key strategy in the fight against poverty as it enables Chareidim to gain employment and enter the workforce.

Aptitude Testing and Evaluation


In order to be eligible for a scholarship, each applicant has to first take a computerized aptitude test provided by the BAVI Chesed Fund in order to determine which profession the applicant is most suited.

Job Training Scholarships


After successfully completing the test the applicant is directed towards one of the many vocational training schools that provide a variety of courses from across the vocational spectrum such as; Computer Programming, bookkeeping, graphic design, Web Design, real estate, Architecture, Interior design, typesetting, and many many more.

Most of our applicants are in such dire need that they cannot even afford basic necessities let alone pay for a professional vocational course. We currently have dozens of applicants for scholarships each month, but only through the generosity of our donors can we make this happen.

Job Placement

Job placement

We can proudly say that after graduating, most of the recipients of our scholarships have either found employment or started their own businesses, becoming self supporting, and no longer requiring financial help from organizations like ours.