Why Bavi

What makes Beth Aaron V’Israel So Special?

Currently, 90 cents of each dollar donated to the Fund, goes directly to the poor and needy of Eretz Yisroel. Only 10 cents is utilized for expenses, such as, airfare, car rentals, etc. Raising additional funds will result in an even smaller expense output. All of our board member work voluntarily, balancing their jobs and in their spare time working together to help those who are having financial and other difficulties.

Our goal is to provide temporary assistance. We strive to have our recipients become financially independent. We offer vocational training courses that teach important business skills, and assist in job placement. The Rambam writes in Hilchos Tzedaka that the highest level of charity is providing one with a source of livelihood.

We assist the needy with their most basic necessities, such as, food, heat, gas, water, etc.Without our assistance, there is often no one else to turn to.

Your money is guaranteed to reach those truly in need. Each and every case is scrutinized thoroughly by our dedicated askanim and board members, making certain that funds are distributed as effectively as possible.

We strive to help in the most honorable way possible. Slipping envelopes under doors or anonymously paying grocery bills are just a few of our numerous strategies. When the money is to be given personally, it is done in the most modest way possible. The recipient leaves our doors with a warm feeling. We strive to impart a feeling of hope, renewal, security, and friendship to one and all.

The Beth Aaron V’Israel Chesed Fund is non discriminatory. Race, background and level of religious observance play no role in our decision making process.