No words can suffice for the gratitude I have to the BAVI Chessed Fund. You helped me become self-sufficient. I can now support my family with dignity and do not have to come onto any organizations. -job

I send my Rachel off to school calmly with the knowledge that the BAVI Chessed Fund worked out with the school to pay the tuition and subsidized to pay part of it as well.
paid (up) the tuition (we owed).– GAN

YES the BAVI Chessed Fund stepped into our lives in our most trying moments. We were going through rough times and did not have money to pay for the bills. But you saved us.  Your kindness will never be forgotten. -BILLS

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. X. I walked my son down to the chuppah with REAL joy and happiness after the BAVI Chessed Fund eased the burden that comes when making a wedding.– WEDDING

Mr. and Mrs. Y, we want to bless you and your son with much joy and good. BAVI Chessed Fund found us and YOU found BAVI and offered to twin your son’s Bar Mitzva. We were the lucky recipients. May g-d bless you with all the best.-BAR MITZVA

This Passover we really felt the meaning of ‘zman cheiruseinu’-free people. We were free of worry when we got our kimcha d’pischa  package from the BAVI Chessed Fund which included foods, clothing, (etc) and much more.– KIMCHA D’PISCHA